ucplus Server Information

Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need the IP address of the telephone system. PLEASE NOTE: this is not the IP address of the VoIP gateway, but the PBX itself (or LIM / HG1500). You will also need to know the range of trunk numbers.

Directory Download:



Handsets without speakerphones (plus DECT and analog) do not provide a full range of handset control.
Internal hold is not supported by Siemens. It makes a beep if attempted.
Call direction and/or dialed number may be wrong in some call pickup scenarios.
Multiple Line Appearances (MULAPS) are not fully supported. They may lead to stuck calls or incorrect directions.
This PBX is end of life by Unify.

Connection Information




Network connection (LIM or HG1500).

Firewall Requirements:

UDP: 161 (SNMP)
TCP: 7001

PBX Information


The Unify 3000 series area available in two formats: wall mounted or rack mounted. The module number denotes the format: 3x00 for rack mounted and 3x50 for wall mounted. Configuration of the telephone system is performed using either the Manager E software (for engineers) or the Manager C software (for customers). All CSTA and SNMP related options should be left at their default values.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):


Other Requirements:

Unify do not recommend the use of the LIM interface in a large scale deployment

WAN Connectivity
Directory Support
Trunk Monitoring
Analog Phones
Agent Features
Call Tracking Support
CLI Retention Support
Type Make Call Hang up Answer Deflect Blind Transfer Supervised Transfer Hold Pick up Send DTMF Call Fwd Dialback