ucplus Server Information

Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need to install the relevant version of the Cisco TAPI driver and configure it correctly. ucplus Server will use this driver to connect to the telephone system.

Directory Download:



Users extension number on multiple devices is not supported - 1 extension number connected to 1 device only.

Jabber softphone hasn't been tested but is known to have Cisco TAPI support.

Cisco Finesse hasn't been tested.

Supported up to 4000 calls per hour.

*Call ID is not retained on call transfers
*Multiple lines - CUG _ Closed user groups, not supported, please uncheck "Allow Control of Device from CTI" on the DN.

New extensions added on the UCM for CTI monitoring will not automatically download, the Telephony will need a restart, or you can add them manulally.

Cisco - UCCX is not supported.

Connection Information




The Cisco TAPI driver for the correct version of Call Manager must be installed manually first.

Firewall Requirements:

TCP: 2748

PBX Information


The Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager) runs on PC-based platform. It is configured through the HTML-based programming interface.

Driver Requirements:

Not included

Other Requirements:

The TAPI driver requires that a user to be configured on the Call Manager that can control all relevant extensions.

WAN Connectivity
Directory Support
Trunk Monitoring
Analog Phones
Agent Features
Call Tracking Support
CLI Retention Support
Type Make Call Hang up Answer Deflect Blind Transfer Supervised Transfer Hold Pick up Send DTMF Call Fwd Dialback
Cisco Handsets
Cisco Jabber