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ucplus Server Information

Minimum Version Required:

Version '8' requires 2.6.10 17062> Version '9' requires>

Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need the IP address of the PBX and user name and password PLEASE NOTE:
For ucplus Server 2.6.11 and below you will need the SYSTEM username and password.
For ucplus Server 2.6.12 and above you will need the HTML logins.

Directory Download:

Extensions, Agents, Trunks


Connections to multi-nodes within a cluster is supported 3.0.x ucplus Server and above.

The Attendant Console and the 5550 console are not supported as they cannot be monitored. Handsets without speakerphones (including 5001, 5005, 5201, 5207, analog) do not provide a full range of handset control. Blind transfer is not specifically supported by Mitel. It is performed as consultation followed by transfer on ringing. Several handset modes are possible. The modes that have been tested are: Voice set, Keyline, Multicall, Multiline.Multicall and Multiline cannot be used on the same handset at the same time.

A MiTAI CTI license is required but not directly available for purchase from Mitel. Instead Mitel collect a royalty payment for any registered application connecting to the Mitel MiVoice Business (aka 3300/MCD) telephone system using the MiTAI interface. This payment is collected and submitted to Mitel by the approved MSA partner for the registered application (us in this case). Please contact us directly to obtain pricing and further details.

NOTE: The published purchase price for our products supporting MiTAI does not include the royalty charge. This is itemized as a separate required charge for all our customer and partners purchasing MiTAI-enabled solutions.

Connection Information


Proprietary (MiTAI), HTTP


MiTAI server (royalty)
Multi-node Cluster = Each additional node requires a "PBX" (Site) license
A "PXP" (PBX Plus) license for each Resilient PBX/Node.

Firewall Requirements:

TCP: 8000 and 8001

PBX Information


The MiVoice Business connects onto the LAN via the RJ45 socket on the front of the PBX. The local IP address and other network settings are set through the HTML-based programming interface.
Deployment Flexibility: Distributed, centralized, and public cloud, virtual deployment though VMware is also available.

Driver Requirements:


Other Requirements:

A license is required for to be purchased for continued use of the MiTAI interface

WAN Connectivity Trunk Monitoring Analog Phones Supported Agent Features Supported